10 Signs He’s Not The One

The search for the right man is different for every woman. And for a good reason. After all, the right man means something different for everyone. And the psychology behind the question “Is he the right one?” is just as different. While some long for a partner with whom they can immerse themselves in togetherness, others need someone who gives them a lot of freedom for self-development. Appearance, profession or character play a subordinate part. 


You Can Be Who You Are

In his presence you have the feeling that you don’t have to constantly pretend to score points with him or to be understood. You can be as natural as you are. Above all, you also notice that he doesn’t mind your quirks, weaknesses and idiosyncrasies – he can even deal with them and maybe even finds them endearing.

You Share The Same Interests

Opposites can attract, but common interests as well as matching values ​​and opinions about life weld together. If you’re on the same wavelength about this, chances are he’s the one for life.

10 Signs He's Not The One
10 Signs He’s Not The One

You Trust Him Blindly

He may have already placed his trust in you, or you feel like you can talk to him openly and honestly about anything. He also trusts you completely when you meet up with a friend. No trace of jealousy – also from your side. Trust is the be-all and end-all of a relationship and therefore also one of the most important signs by which you can recognize that he is a suitable partner for you.

It Conveys A Feeling Of Security

It shows loyalty and belonging? Do you not only feel safe and secure with him, but also have the feeling of having arrived for the first time? These are more than clear signs that he is the right one.

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You Meet At Eye Level

Do you practice fair communication? Do you also treat each other with respect and appreciation during discussions? He can accept ideas and is willing to make compromises? Then this is a clear indication that he is the right relationship person for you.

At The Beginning Of A Relationship

He is reliable: Not only is he punctual, but he is also willing to help when it comes to overcoming challenges or rather unpleasant tasks.

He Fits Into Your Social Environment

He likes to be there when you meet up with friends and family. Conversely, he also receives confirmation from them that they like and accept him and that he is the right man for you. What more do you want?

In A Long-Standing Partnership

You have the same plans for the future: What about moving in together, wanting children and above all the question of all questions: Is he the right person to marry? If your plans for the future coincide and you have the same goals, there is a very good chance that you have hit the bull’s eye with him.

He Is Loyal

In long-term relationships, it is also important to overcome one or two difficulties. And especially in difficult times, he has signaled to you that he has your wholeheartedly behind you, supports you and you can rely on him in every situation in life. You can tell from his long-standing loyalty that you have the right partner at your side.


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