Best 1st Birthday Wishes For Baby Girl With Name

You want to wish the baby girl of friends or relatives a happy birthday? Here you will find tips if you want to write more than congratulations on the birthday card. No question, the first birthday is something special. Even if the birthday child is not yet able to read cards or open gifts on their own, their parents will be all the happier if you think of their offspring and send them congratulations.

-Your birthday, that’s today, many people congratulate you, you’ve been here for a year, I wish you all the best! 

-She shall live high, she shall live high, three times high! Congratulations on your 1st anniversary in this world! 

Best 1st Birthday Wishes For Baby Girl With Name
Best 1st Birthday Wishes For Baby Girl With Name

Sweet First Birthday Wishes For Baby Girls

The girl’s first birthday is a special one, because on this day the girl receives the first flowers, compliments and beautiful gifts. This important day deserves special words. You can send both sweet wishes and choose heartfelt birthday poems as a gift.

-Little princess, sweet mouse, you’ve been living at home for a year today. You can already crawl and turn, we want to see a lot more of you. That’s why we celebrate your day today because everyone likes you so much. We wish happiness and sunshine, time to dream and be happy. 

– Happiness is like a delicious dessert. May life give you more than you can ever eat.

-Birthdays are the growth rings of life. With each passing year it has grown a bit.

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– I wish you an angel for you all alone, she should always be with you! Should protect you with all its power no matter where you are – day and night. She likes you very much and gives you her blessing so that you are lucky in all your ways!

The baby girls first birthday is special for everyone involved, that is for the child herself, for the parents and every family member. Exactly one year ago, the new life came into the world, which changed the lives of many people at the same time. The little angel is only one year old, but this year was definitely the happiest for at least two people. Only the presence of the baby makes the world more colorful and happier. Although this festival is primarily made for the baby, its importance is simply to be there: just laugh or cry. Actually, the birthday does not differ at all from the child’s everyday life: the child is always loved and she is surrounded with warmth and love of the family.


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