Best Contact Names For Boyfriend

This list of synonyms is dedicated to one topic alone: contact names for a boyfriend. The frequently heard sentences “Darling, can you…” and “Honey, where are…” are two examples of rather boring names. It is a fine art to find good names that stand out from the crowd. These selection should therefore also serve as inspiration and encourage individual creations. However, couples in love obviously prefer, sometimes more onomatopoeic creations to show their partner with a name that only they use. However, this expression of loving affection is not always recommended the public, but rather in situations of togetherness.

Contact names are commonly used by couples to please their loved one. A lovingly chosen nickname creates intimacy. The nickname is often a nice insider between lovers. At the same time, an individual nickname creates trust.

Best Contact Names For Boyfriend
Best Contact Names For Boyfriend

On the other hand, names such as darling, hero, angel, wench, mouse are universal as nicknames, since they have no individual connection with the one so designated. These contact names can usually be used for any person (boyfriend/girlfriend) in almost any situation.

Of course, there are different names, depending on whether the partner is male or female. For example, “bear” is used for boyfriend, while fairy means girlfriend. However, there are gender terms, such as treasure. These are shown “black” in the list. Sometimes an assignment cannot be clearly defined. Here are some great examples for contact names for a boyfriend.

  • Adonis 
  • Amor
  • Captain
  • King
  • Sweet bear


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