Best Contact Names For Daughter

Strictly speaking, a nickname is the form of a loved one. For example, cute names mouse, sparrow or darling and sweetheart are particularly well known. Then there is the category of nicknames, which are the trivialization or short way of the first name of your daughter – such as Leni for Helene.

We were able to find some contact names for daughters that have a modern twist while still being influence for your daughter. In our opinion, these suggestions work particularly well as modern contact names for girls.

Best Contact Names For Daughter
Best Contact Names For Daughter



In fact, when I was a small child, my dad used to call me cuty because I always liked to talk and talked a lot. So the nickname for all girls who like to chat. 


Another contact name – of course great if your sweetheart likes to eat nuts. But even so, it works great as a modern name for your daughter.


An affectionate name for girls, which is especially good in winter, when the mice run around outside like funny Smurfs in their little hats.


Snail has been a trend name for pretty girls for several centuries. It may be due to the spiral twisted braided braids. Either way: We still find snail as a nickname and really cute for your daughter.

Honey Fairy

Sweet, sweet, Honey Fairy! Makes a wonderful treat for a sweet tooth at home, when you want to reach for a candy jar again. Your sweetheart would like to cuddle all day long and is the easy-going type? How well does the contact name fit!


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