Best Contact Names For Girlfriend

Be honest – do you often call your girlfriend by her nickname or her real name, whether you’re alone, in public or on social media? Many girlfriends give each other nicknames. They can be cute, beautiful or funny names. Often only you and your friend know what nicknames are all about. That makes it special – almost like a specific name.

Are you still looking for a special nickname to give your girlfriend? Then check out our selection! We have selected the best names and don’t want to withhold them from you:


Popular Nicknames For Women

Sometimes we only know our girlfriends by their nicknames. We show you some cute, beautiful and fun names to give your girlfriend: Of course, there are not only beautiful, but also cheeky names. They are welcome to be funny and maybe a little out of the box as well, but should not hurt the person concerned.

  • Booty Angel
  • Chaos Queen
  • Chica

Nicknames are only given to the partner in a relationship. As a rule, they are thought of lovingly and tenderly. These names are often used by a couple to symbolize intimacy. Sweetheart is the classic one for your lover, but almost everyone chooses the name for their girlfriend or boyfriend. Many men like to address their wives as “baby”. How about a specific name for your partner instead? Feel free to be creative or choose a name that reflects how you feel about your partner:

  • Dream Woman
  • Queen

Whether in a relationship or a friendship: finding a nickname is easier than you think: we have a few tips on how to find the right one and what you should pay attention to when choosing a nickname. When looking for nicknames, always remember that individual names are better than generic ones. It doesn’t have to be anything out of the ordinary. Take a look at our tips, maybe you will find the right name.

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Sometimes only the people affected know what the choice of name is all about. But sometimes it is also obvious or it is simply a matter of trend nicknames. By the way, nicknames are only used in a relationship. These names often establish an intimacy with one’s partner. Even nicknames can be a bit cheeky – but shouldn’t offend. This also applies to nicknames: If the person concerned feels uncomfortable because of the name they have been given, you should look for another one.


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