Best Couple Board Games

So we take a look at which games were specially created for 2 people or at least are a lot of fun for couples.


7 Wonders – Duel

The dueling variant of the well known 7 Wonders game is based on the original game, but has been updated for two-player play and is designed to be even faster and more tactical. As a player, you develop your civilization over different eras, constructing buildings and wonders of the world. At the same time you build up your armies and can advance scientific discoveries. In doing so, however, one must not only pursue one’s own goals, but must also keep an eye on what the opponent needs at the moment and where one can perhaps put obstacles in their way.

Best Couple Board Games
Best Couple Board Games


The best games for two: Patchwork is a 2 player game that some say is great to play with your wife. I find that a bit cheeky, as if you could only play something with us girls that deals with household issues. But let’s leave that.


Fugitive – the chase for 2 players Fugitive is a chase using cards. It is an asymmetric one. The fugitive starts at location 0 and tries to reach destination number 42. However, he suddenly cannot flee too far and has to make frequent stops. A new hiding place can only be a maximum of 3 numbers larger than the last one – unless he makes an intermediate sprint, but that costs additional cards, which will slow down further escape.


Targi, demanding strategy for 2 players. As a tribe leader of a desert people, we trade in goods and want to expand our tribe. Targi is a challenging game, which is not only confirmed by the age specification: recommended for ages 12 and up. The Targi game board is made up of a 5×5 grid of cards, on the edge of which we place our tribe members. An action is triggered where the straight lines of 2 tribe members cross. This is how we can get goods or buy tribal cards. Targi offers numerous possibilities for fun and requires strict resource management.

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Spirit Island

What else can I say about this game? A cooperative brawler, which I enjoy the most when there are two of us. The playing time remains just as clear as what is happening on the island, without the claim falling. In my review, I explain in detail what entertains me about the game about the nature spirits. If you want to go a little deeper, you are welcome to take a look at my ranking on the ghosts. Spirit Island’s theme is just awesome with its fight against human invaders. Represented by wood vs plastic! The game system with its deck building and the area control also bucks. If you want to let off steam with your game partner in an intensive and highly way of chat, you need this great game! It features in the top lists for couple players as well as in the overall top 10 of all time. This shows that Spirit Island is simply an exceptionally great game!

Underwater Cities

Another really nice game with a fresh theme. In Underwater Cities we build a system of underwater cities and equip them with different buildings in order to achieve the most victory points at the end. The game impresses with an extremely good adaptation for two people including its own game board with changed movements. This keeps the interaction as high as playing with four people.


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