Best Quotes For Son In Law And Sayings

Are you the mother of a son in law and while browsing the web you came up with the idea of ​​searching for my son in law sayings? Would you like to know what wisdom, deep feelings and jokes there are from others that revolve around the son in law? What did great thinkers pass on to their sons on their way through life? Are the wisdoms of the past still relevant?

It is amazing how similar the views of people from different cultures are when it comes to the subject of son in law. This is now evident in this selection of quotes and sayings. Here you will also find another way of the saying like father, like son and some thoughts from the distant century that one must cherish the son in law when you as a father expect esteem from him.

-What the father was silent, comes to speak in the son, and I often found the son to be the father’s bared secret.

Best Quotes For Son In Law And Sayings

-In love the son despises the father, in action the father despises the son.

-Man never knows how high his grain will grow in the course of the year before harvest. Nor can he know whether his son in law will one day go astray.

-He wants his son in law to have respect for him and his instructions, must have great respect for his son in law himself.

-If the son wants to wear the father’s dress, he has to rework it. That’s how it is with culture.

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-Time moves on and with it attitudes, opinions, prejudices and hobbies. If a son’s youth coincides with the turning point, one can be assured that he will have nothing in common with his father.

-A son who contradicts his parents will not contradict his mother in-law.

-If you have a sensible son in law, what is riches to you? If you have an ignorant son, what is riches to you?

-In love the son despises the father, in action the father despises the son.

-Hardly will I ever rejoice in the fulfillment of my heartiest wish that the son should not be equal to his father, but a better one.


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