Creating A Good Nickname That Reflects Your Personality

When creating a new email, when registering in a platform or in a discussion in a blog – the world keeps asking for our nickname. But you don’t always immediately have a suitable name in mind. After all, the choice should also be individual and suit you. But now the agonizing search is over: Our ideas will tell you which kind of nickname actually suits you.

Before you come up with a new or fancy nickname, think about what nicknames you have. You may already be able to use your nickname or a slight option of it. Of course, you can also go another way: Well known nicknames are, for example, characters from movies or games. Another variant would be your part-time job. In many cases you can find a creative combination. Numbers are also often used, such as birthdays.



A Nickname Awakens Thoughts

An unusual user name will certainly cause a stir: But when choosing it, also consider what it should say about your character. Incorrectly chosen names such as hot bitch or ripper could lead to other users thinking you as not exactly sophisticated.

A good nickname tells other users something about your character or your preferences. In any case, you should make sure that your chosen username does not create false impressions or idea for other users. User names that have a sexist touch tempt other users to bother you immediately and possibly with clumsy lines.

In any case, it is worth choosing an individual user name. Names that you find a dime a dozen in the platforms do not stand out as much in a long user list and are therefore less frequently addressed. Nicknames such as little angel, witch, sweetie carry them on the web. If you want to stand out from the crowd, take some time and come up with a more imaginative username. You’ll see, it’s not that difficult to create a good, yet individual, username. If your chosen nickname is still taken, then add additional detail to it.

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