Depression Quotes

Depression quotes and texts make life with depression more tangible. Few people know that many heads of state, writers and stars suffered from depression. All world-famous personalities prove that no one can look at depression – and people with depression or other illnesses can also achieve great results.

Here you will also find quotes about depression & anxiety as well as depressive sayings that come from lesser-known people, but are just as meaningful.

We all go through a phase when we are not doing well. We are depressed! Not a nice feeling. Not a nice feeling that accompanies us day after day. It doesn’t have to be. We have encouraging, understanding and funny sayings on the topic. Dive in and let one of our sayings tear you out of your depression. After all, you don’t like to be depressed and every way out of depression is the right one.


Difficult Times Can Have A Variety Of Reasons

Hopelessness lack of motivation despondency no joyful feelings and fear of the world can become strong. Learn serenity thoughts positive feelings to help for self-help reduce stress for life. Quotes sayings and thoughts for depression about fear. Here you will find thoughtful sad provocative and stimulating. When someone suffers from depression, their mental perception is limited and tends to be negative.

Get inspiration from the examples here and show your friends your support. In the following gallery we have listed some nice sayings that encourage courage.

Depression Quotes

Strong Depression Quotes That Hit The Mark

Quotes and sayings browse through our depression quote categories with thousands of quotes. You can email the quotes, rate them, or make them your own. Let yourself be inspired by hand-picked and motivating quotes, sayings and wisdom about the meaning of life and psychology:

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It is therefore helpful in the treatment of depression to supplement this limited perspective and to support people in finding their courage and joy in life again. A little daily help with depression can be the sayings of the life cards. They can be hung up so that they are clearly visible, but can also be read as a reminder card in the handbag or pocket throughout the day as a support.


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