Encouraging Quotes

Who does not know them, the situations in which one likes to pick up a book and – as if guided by a wise, invisible hand, open a place with a thought that helps to solve a problem or to see light at the end of the tunnel. Here we have compiled a lot of encouraging sayings for you that should do just that. Have fun and encouragement with it!

To motivate ourselves sometimes all it takes is a little encouraging and the right words from someone we like to listen to. We spontaneously think of a lot of great quotes from wise people and great makers. Quotes that motivate, that incite, that inspire. That stimulate us to think or bring to the point what we feel in us, but just can’t really think about it. We have put together the most beautiful and motivating quotes for you here.

Would you like to hang up one or the other quote in a clearly visible manner or just print it out and carry it with you? We have provided all quotes with beautiful pictures and prepared them in postcard shape. You can download the quotes below.



Proverbs For World Improvement And Change

The good life for everyone is our highest mission. For this purpose, for example, in the courage map, we present numerous projects that are committed to change for the better. At this point you will find a few thoughts and quotes that strengthen the spirit for world improvement in this sense.

Every employee and every employer faces major challenges at work. But the executives in particular are currently being nailed down. You should quickly lead more, agile and appreciative.

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But managers are also people who, as managers, have to transform their understanding of leadership, knowledge and leadership behavior. This also requires space for learning, practicing and gaining experience. This is especially true for executives who have to open up to the new requirements in a completely different way.

Immerse Yourself In The New World Of Encouragement

What can we expect in the world of work in the future? I think everyone knows that digitization is going to turn the way we work upside down. We can already feel that and that will change drastically with the increase in the use of technology.


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