Helpful Quotes About Change

Quotes can be very helpful: Sometimes a single sentence changes your life – if you find it in the right place at the right time. These quotes about change and growth ran through our life and were very motivating and helpful for many people – and as we write about them, we can think of many more. That’s why there are now actually more than 30 quotes about change. Do you want to change yourself or are you trying to come up with a nice saying to help you come to terms with changes in your life? Then you are guaranteed to find it here! You can also find great motivational sayings.


Quotes About Change – And Why At All

When it comes to change, one thing definitely gets in the way: Our convenience! Also fear! Because fear – of the negative consequences of a change, fear of failure or worsening – is ultimately a kind of comfort in which we do not dare to grapple with the new and unknown.


Quotations about change can give new strength, especially in these times, because they make us think: They make us sit up and take notice, encourage us to question whether our fears or our supposedly unchangeable situation, whether all of this is really exactly the same – or whether our zone has not been comfortable for a long time, but still seems safer to us than the wild life out there. Of course, you can also moan about your condition, your environment and everything else throughout your life – but that doesn’t change anything. Do you want something different? Then move!

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As a relationship coach, these quotes help people change their lives. Because the reasons for unwanted single existence, for example, are rarely obvious! The longer you put things in front of you and think about them, the bigger and more important they get – failure then becomes more and more important because you’ve been thinking about it for so long – and so it becomes more and more difficult to start.


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