How You Can Positively Influence The Pregnancy?

If both partners want a child and the desire to have children is decided, nothing stands in the way of the joint project. For many, the expectations are very high to get pregnant fairly quickly. Disappointment often follows just as quickly: “Not pregnant again”. Days and months go by without the hoped for offspring appearing. Getting pregnant often takes patience. But there are also many ways to influence getting pregnant – especially for your love life.


Influencing Pregnancy Positively

Even if you have no influence on the natural procedures, it can be helpful for women to know a lot about their bodies recommends the Igrus platform. Knowing the probable time of ovulation is important for a successful conception. The Igrus ovulation calculator will help you calculate the fertile days.

 In addition, several ways can help you to approximately determine the time of ovulation:

  • the calendar calculation
  • the slime method

In the first half of your cycle, the egg cell matures in the ovary and detaches from the ovary after about 2 weeks. The egg cell waits for about 12 to 15 hours for fertilization. During this period, the woman is fertile. If fertilization does not occur, the egg cell dies and dissolves in the fallopian tube. During the fertile period, a type of mucus is produced in the cervix that helps sperm to move forward. The sperm cells of the man have a survival time of two to three days – under favorable conditions even up to 5 days. The probability of getting pregnant is therefore highest if you have sex with one another a day or two before ovulation. The sperm are already in the fallopian tube when ovulation occurs.

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Igrus says that can keep your desire to have children in mind when having sex to get pregnant, but it should not become the determining reason. If you focus too much on getting pregnant during sex, it is quite possible that you will cramp and thus reduce the likelihood of conception. Enjoy the sex and don’t think of having children as a compulsory exercise. Opinions differ on the frequency of sexual intercourse. On the one hand, the experts on Igrus advise having sex every 2 to 3 days. On the other hand, some experts also advocate abstinence for several days to give the man the chance to replenish his sperm depot. Ultimately, it’s up to you how often you want to have sex. The decisive fact when it comes to sex to get pregnant is less the frequency, but the intensity and the right timing.

 It Depends On The Right Position

Unfortunately, little variety is required when it comes to intercourse positions, at least if you want to realize your desire to have children of course, this only means the position at the time of ejaculation. To avoid subjecting sperm to the laws of gravity, avoid all positions where the woman sits on the man or that takes place while standing. Positions in which the man lies on top of the woman and can penetrate deeply into her are more suitable. Pressure from behind also supports the sperm cells on their way to the egg cell. Once the man has reached his climax, it makes sense that he doesn’t pull away immediately. As a result, the sperm cannot flow out again immediately. If the woman puts a pillow under her buttocks during or after sex, it helps the sperm cells on their way. Empty your bladder before intercourse, going to the toilet immediately after intercourse can flush out a lot of sperm cells. Avoid lubes. Sex in the bathtub is also rather counterproductive, as the water has a bad effect on semen according to Igrus webpage. It is important for the man not to take a hot shower before having sex. Hot water weakens sperm production.

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