Inspire Yourself With Quotes About Happiness

The main goal of human beings is the pursuit of happiness. Handpicked quotes, wisdom and sayings about happiness can provide inspiration for your own search for happiness and give confidence. Recognizing happiness, sharing happiness with others, happiness in love, happiness in the little things, the transience of happiness, in the moment, finding happiness in oneself, errors of happiness, how we become happy. Let yourself be inspired by timeless wisdom and many more.


How Do You Define Happiness?

Happiness is difficult to put into words and is more of a subjective question of feeling and the feelings associated with it. The living conditions and apparently happy situations are defined differently from person to person. If you search the definition of happiness, the coincidence of particularly favorable circumstances is an appropriate explanation – but also a very good description.

But it doesn’t make the whole topic any more tangible. It is therefore all the more difficult to describe this feeling and to bundle the emotions it contains. Nevertheless, there are some quotes and sayings on the subject of happiness, happiness for life, which were met by well known personalities and which sum up the many facets of happiness very well.


When Are You Happy?

For some it is the first rays of sunshine of the year, for others the daily drive home towards the end of the day. For young people it’s the parties on the weekend and the first car of their own, for parents it’s the successful graduation of their own child, the health of the family or the freshly mown lawn in their own garden. Whichever way you turn it: happiness is always a very subjective and individual matter.

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It can hardly be denied that happiness is more likely to reach those who seek it and are willing to find it. This is also expressed by the happiness quotes mentioned above. It is precisely these people who enjoy the small, everyday things that life has in store for us – because something good can be found in almost every situation. Happiness is therefore a matter of one’s own attitude and view of life, but mostly never the one big thing or one big moment of happiness, but the sum of many small moments that one should enjoy and use for oneself.

July 28, 2020

Happy Quotes


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