Manufacturer of Extensive and Quality Cast Nylon: OKD Polymer

Founded in Turkey, OKD Polimer has manufactured nylon for years. As a producer of cast polyamide, this company continues to contribute to a variety of industries. It also offers customized cast nylon products to companies with special size castings. Operating in Turkey, this company also acts as a supplier for many regions around the world. It always manages to maintain its leadership qualities by offering various high quality cast nylons to different industries. Cast nylons with high impact resistance for use in almost every industry are produced with the privilege of OKD Polimer, providing great advantages to the different sectors. 

Offers Different Industry Components

OKD Polimer, a manufacturer of cast polymers, offers a wide range of industrial components.  It offers auxiliary equipment products such as material handling, rolling mills, and sandwich panels for use in the construction, maritime, and energy power industries. With these industrial components, it aims to accelerate their production by offering great advantages to the sectors. OKD Polymer, which supplies to many regions of the world, offers quality service as a leading company that has made a name for itself. It also offers end parts, grating, chain guides, wear pads, pulleys and sheaves, bearings and rollers, and cast nylon products for various sectors.

Supplier of Low-Cost Nylon Products

Catching up with many sectors around the world with its fast production, OKD Polimer stands out with its cast nylon products. By providing a variety of quality and versatile nylon products has become a leading company in the plastics industry. Besides offering low-cost products, this company has another distinguishing feature. The main reason why its products for different sectors and purposes of use are very low cost is that they are obtained from cast polyamide.  

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These low-cost nylon products are made from a variety of materials. These materials include Cast Polyamide, PA 6 GPoliamide (Nylon 6)-PA 6, Polyethylene- HDPE- UHWPE, Polyoxymethylene – POM (Acetal), Polypropylene – PP, Polyethylene – PE and Pephenolic Fibre. Thanks to these materials, cast nylon products with high impact and abrasion resistance are obtained. OKD Polimer, which makes fast and professional production with its state-of-the-art technological equipment, also stands out with its expert engineers and employees. This company, which is the number one choice of the energy, construction and maritime sectors, is on its way to increase its production chain. You will make the right decision by choosing this company for low-cost and top quality cast nylon products.


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