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We prepared the Monday quotes, which is the beginning of the week, and that many people do not want to come. Monday has been an unspoken enemy for people who enjoy the weekends with their full energy.

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They also feel a lack of passion and motivation on Monday morning. This happens to get rid of the sizzling excitement and mental relief that often turns a Monday into blue. But Monday should be welcomed with great enthusiasm, great hope, and energy because this is the beginning of a new week and we have to do the best.

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Although it is called Monday syndrome, this depression actually starts from Sunday night. The next day, ‘‘there are jobs, I will work’’ individuals who feel like the holiday is ending can condition themselves negatively.


As a result of this conditioning, Monday syndrome occurs. In order to approach the Monday syndrome with a bit of humour, we prepared you funny Monday quotes.


What is Monday Syndrome?

Monday Syndrome was the biggest problem of our age. It is not known whether it is difficult to shoulder a new week after the weekend pleasure or if it is difficult to start a new day after the holiday.


The beginning of a new week, the common and interesting value of our last years experienced on the first day, is Monday syndrome. Whether it is an employee or a student, everybody experiences this psychological problem from time to time. Some people can experience it more than others. People feel like they’ve done very early on the weekends.

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The concept of the weekend is that an employee or a student needs to feel more comfortable and refreshed at the beginning of next week compared to Friday or Saturday at the end of last week, but instead is not a desired symptom and should be handled carefully if it feels more stressed and anxious on Monday. because it causes poor performance at work or school.


If you want to start the new day and the new week with a smile, we offer you what we have compiled from funny Monday quotes, motivational Monday quotes. If you want to read and motivate the contents we have prepared for you, follow our page. We write the most beautiful and most effective Monday quotes for you.

Ways to Getting Rid of Monday Syndrome with Quotes

Start planning what you will do slowly on Sunday evening. In other words, make time management planning. In this way, you do not fall into a situation where you do not know what to do, and you start working within your plans. Funny Monday quotes will also be a step for you.


It is not only experienced by considering the weekend holiday. Unfortunately, your motivation both at work and in life decreases. Eliminate this situation that will prevent your efficiency. By making small activity plans during the week, you can always be pleasant.


Otherwise, it will bring negative developments as your life order will deteriorate. Also, You can be more motivated and focus on your daily work with the motivational Monday quotes we prepared for you.

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