Pregnancy Quotes

The birth of a child is always a very special moment. Parents, relatives and friends are very curious about the new citizen and want to express their joy in a very nice way – but how? Let yourself be inspired by our wonderful sayings and pregnancy quotes on the subject of birth.


The News Of Pregnancy Changes Everything!

This is not only a huge reason to be happy for the parents-to-be, family, friends and acquaintances are usually excited at the news. In a few months a new person will see the light of day – can there be a greater miracle? Here we have beautiful sayings, quotes and sayings that you can use to convey congratulations on pregnancy!

Regardless of whether playful quotes, sayings from well-known personalities. Just browse through our selection of quotes on the subject of pregnancy. Here you will find the right words to put the feeling of happiness for the most beautiful gift on earth on paper. As the old saying goes, it really is the thought that counts and with this unique gift you can show your feelings in a unique way through the power of words.


Sayings For Birth Cards – Finding Something Suitable Is Not That Easy!

Some things are too playful or simply used too often among friends. But some things are also timeless and still beautiful even after reading them 100 times .We collected a little bit for you, dear customers – and all seekers. Maybe there is something for you here?

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Here is the right gift for your partner, relative, or friend who needs a dose of support, love, and laughter to help her through the rigors of pregnancy to help out during labor. Show your support and gratitude in a unique way with this one of a kind jar that contains memorable, humorous quotes and notes, one for each day of pregnancy and a little extra just in case you go past the due date. Kind words and thoughtfulness are something we all need in our lives. They promise better relationships and a better place. The gifts we cherish most are those that come straight from the heart and show our love, appreciation and understanding.

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