Quotes About Loving Yourself

Do you also belong to the group that likes to make itself small? Then we have a few self-love sayings and thoughts for you to change that. Because far too few of us have confidence in our own strengths.

No matter how hard we try to be liked, to get praise and approval from outside, if we don’t like ourselves and know our worth, it won’t do any good. Because our own insecurity and lack of self-confidence ensure that we no longer define ourselves through our strengths, that we rest within ourselves because we like each other, but instead walk through life like an empty shell. If we get good feedback from others, it fills us with pride, if we offend and experience rejection, we feel completely empty and incapable.


Tips For More Self-Love In Life

But recognition is the first way to improvement and that is why we decree all people who often drag themselves through life like a misery on two legs: Recognize your self-worth. Start being gentler with yourself. Let’s be honest: We would not treat anyone on this earth as negatively as we sometimes treat ourselves.

Quotes About Loving Yourself
Quotes About Loving Yourself

Just take more time for yourself. Calm down, the world is crazy enough around us. How are you supposed to trust and like yourself when you can no longer feel yourself because of all the hustle? Due to the flood of information, bad events in the world, constant accessibility thanks to internet and smartphones and the constant stream, we have long been walking through life with blinders on. Because you have to filter somewhere so as not to get confused. Just don’t filter yourself out. Read through the following self-love sayings and quotes and see how they make you feel. If one pleases you and touches you, write it down and stick it on your mirror or fridge or wherever and start living it. This is how you can give your self-confidence a little boost every day.

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Never apologize for being yourself. 

When you start loving yourself, you no longer depend on others to do it.

The best day of your life is the one when you decide that your life is your own. 

You are the most important person in your life. So treat yourself that way too.


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