Quotes That Make You Think

Life is not always easy! But it is important that you don’t always see everything in black and white. On this board we collect sayings to think about that are sometimes sad and thoughtful but also funny to let you think. The quotes are sometimes about disappointments, about missing and saying goodbye, but also about love and the courage to leave the past behind. Here you are sure to find the right saying or quote that speaks from your heart and expresses your feelings.

The right way of dealing with time is one of the most valuable skills there is. The only problem is: time doesn’t know what it wants. Sometimes it stretches out sometimes it just races past us. Time feels different for everyone – sometimes like this, sometimes like that.

What we miss most when dealing with time is calmness: How can you use your time sensibly? How do you survive difficult times? How do you avoid unnecessary pressure? But serenity can be learned. And so that you don’t have to start from scratch, you can learn a few tips and tricks from smart people who have already thought carefully about time.


That’s why we have collected and written down the best quotes about time for you. Why quotes? Because many quotes have something powerful and inspiring about them. They can make you think, open your horizons and change your point of view. Everyone experiences time differently and treats it differently. There is one thing we must not do, however: allow time to suppress us. We have to use the little time we have calmly and make the most of it. These quotes will help you with that. Just come back and go through the list again. Over time you will have a different perspective and discover new things over and over again.

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Maybe you want to realize your long-cherished dream of writing a book. Or open an online clothing store. Whatever your dream or goal is, sometimes there is a lack of motivation to move on. We have put together the most inspiring quotes and motivational sayings that you can fall back on in these moments in order to have your goal clearer again.


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