Sweetest Babys Smile Quotes

If a child is born in a circle of relatives or friends, it is always an event! Of course it is a matter of the heart to congratulate the parents on the birth. But which saying is suitable for the greeting if congratulations are to be given on the birth of a little daughter? Choose from over these suggestions for your congratulations on the birth of a girl.

Your little darling is finally here! Of course you would like to announce the birth to all friends and relatives or thank them for the congratulations on the birth with a suitable birth wish. The thanksgiving will be even more beautiful and special if you add a suitable saying to it. Whether funny or original – we have collected the most beautiful sayings about birth for you. Browse the birth sayings, famous quotes and wisdom. This is how you give your self-designed birth announcements a personal touch that every recipient will be happy about.

Sweetest Babys Smile Quotes
Sweetest Babys Smile Quotes

-Finally! Mom got female reinforcements! Warmest congratulations on the birth of your sweet daughter!

-Starting today, I decide when and how long we sleep. We wish you a little late riser!

-When love becomes life, happiness gets a name. We wish you all the best on your journey together.

-It doesn’t matter how long you wait, it matters who. Congratulations on the birth of your little magic mouse.

-A sweet girl now walks every step with her overjoyed parents. Congratulations on the baby and have fun with your little lady!

-Everyone is now yelling hurrah, the baby is here! It’s a girl, so delicate and sweet and fine. We wish the parents all the best, lots of sleep and good spirits. We sincerely wish the little one a life of happiness and never pain

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