The Best App For Free Instagram Likes

With millions of Instagram users, we know the importance of getting a lot of engagement for a post. We also know that this is not always an easy endeavor. There are a lot of people who post selfies because everyone needs a like when it comes to Instagram. According to the last update of Instagram, the interaction, including the likes, is one of the most important thing for assessing the quality of an account. The interaction with your followers is just as important as the number of likes you have.


If you want to get free Instagram likes, you should use the LikeBoost app to get real likes from users instead of buying likes from fake accounts.


How It Works


Install the LikeBoost extension. Login to Instagram normally. It’s a free and safe program where real people gather to follow and like each other. Everyone gets 3 likes for free each hour, if your like button is active. Then use the coins to get unlimited free Instagram followers or likes. Make sure your account is not private and has at least one post. You can use your browser as usual. Get real likes from active users: Any user can skip the posts they don’t like, so the likes you get come from active users who really like your post.


-Fast and effective delivery of the likes.


-Real users and likes, no automatic ones on


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