The Best Ship From China To US Method

The Forceget forwarding company is the transport leader for goods from all over China to the USA.

What Sets Us Apart While Shipping From China To US?

  • We offer seamless shipment tracking
  • We transport goods across overseas
  • We have been in the freight forwarding ship from China to US business for many years
  • We are one of the leading quality companies in the logistics
  • We offer daily departures and cheaper prices

Which Ship From China To US Mode Of Logistics Is The Most Beneficial For You?

Your two options when shipping from China to US are sea freight and air freight. The choice between the two depends mainly on how quickly you need your goods to be delivered to your home and of course what price you are willing to pay. The choice of the most financial freight solution then depends on the country in which your supplier is based and on the size and weight of your goods.

The substantial cost of delivery allows you to air freight your goods from China to USA for the same or even lower price. However, this will depend on the size and weight of the goods.

For sea freight shipments, you can choose to send your goods as less container load, which means that some share one container. The weight limit for sea freight is considerably higher than for air freight, so in most cases the weight of your goods is unrelated to sea freight – unless you are importing some heavy goods.

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Due to these large distances, shipping from China is often carried out under our great conditions. This is a clear difference, where the most commonly agreed shipping methods are made. This makes sense since all of the factories were built along the coast around the ports in China. But it is possible to trade on terms when shipping to US.

Transport Request Ship From China To US

If you have any questions or would like individual advice from one of our experts, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to give you details about your ship from China to US and clarify all questions with you. Simply arrange an appointment with us on or send us your request for an offer, we will contact you shortly.


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