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The term “friendship” is understood to mean a relationship between two or more people that is great in every respect. Strictly speaking, this feeling expresses itself as mutual trust, which actually represents the basis of a true and genuine friendship. Those people who stand opposite each other in the context of friendship are referred to as friends; several such individuals are declared as friends. All in all, it can be said in this regard that friends are important companions in every person’s life.

The bond of friendship must always be cherished in order to be able to exist in the long term and for many years. In this way it is possible to build mutual trust, appreciation for the other and a friendly affection. If you would like to deal with the topic of true friends quotes in more detail, then you have come to the right place here. We have carried out extensive careful research for you in order to be able to provide you with all sorts of wonderful friendship quotes in very different variations. So just come with us and let us take you into a diverse world of quotes that has a wide range of wonderful words about friendship.

True Friends

You may be asking yourself how you can use our quotes for friendship? We have the answer for you: How about if you tell your friend with a special and expressively phrased quote how important he or she is to you? Design a nice card for this, insert your chosen friendship quote and refer to its meaningfulness in the context of your written words. We can assure you of one thing now: Your boyfriend or girlfriend will definitely be delighted.

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