Turkey Continues To Grow For Foreign Investments

As a growth country for foreign investors, Turkey continues to be attractive and diversified with various sectors and resources. The investment decisions of large companies in the past confirm the attractive investment climate in the country.


The manufacturing industry with vehicles, vehicle parts as a pioneer shows great capacities and good experiences with mainly foreign producers and joint ventures. In addition, the household goods and consumer goods are popular and profitable investments.

Due to the advantageous location and the weather conditions, the largely undiscovered agriculture as well as seeds offer considerable investment and immigration potential.


In the energy field, Turkey offers enormous potential, especially in renewable energies and is considered a major growth. The iron and steel sector, along with other raw elements, has additional development and expansion offers. The same applies to the textile sector.


A Large Adaptation In The Pandemic


Turkey proved to be largely adaptable in the pandemic and responded to the changing situations of the economy with quick measures and restructuring. Government subsidies through loans at low interest rates provided significant bridging aid for the private industry. The constant expansion of digitization and its integration into everyday working life are also a relevant key to success.


The rapid adjustment to the consequences of the pandemic as well as the continuing growth of the financial sector mean that the positive outlook for the future is maintained. The medium to long-term opportunities for companies can still be assessed as good. Compared to Europe, the country has good growth rates, a young, well-educated population. According to Outlook Turkey, the Turkish economy can grow strongly in the coming years and at the same time inflation. It is now a matter of stopping inflation and thus exchange rate fluctuations, rebalancing the current account and strengthening investor confidence.

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Turkey Remains A Competitive Partner


You can visit https://www.outlookturkey.com/  to see the forecast for GDP growth for 2021 – provided that there are no further severe waves of infections, important international sales in Turkey will also be stabilized.


Due to various crisis experiences, Turkey has a certain degree of resistance and the associated ability to act and adapt. That is a significant difference to other countries. As a connection between East and West, Turkey remains competitive and an important financial partner.


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