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vote quotes

Life creates path separations and your whole life is determined by the choices you make. So your life actually consists of choices. And as with every choice gain, it is also a loss. The unselected probability disappears to infinity.


Our choices are the things that shape our lives or the things we give up after every choice we make? Isn’t every choice one way or another, giving up something? What makes us who we really are? Is it what we prefer to live, or what we leave behind?


Is it the pain of what we try to leave behind, or the reality of the moments we live? Is it our past or our future? What really makes us? What we chose or not? What is it that keeps us alive or prevents us from living? Quotes on voting are something like this. If you use your right to vote, you will take a step towards the future.


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An ignorant society can never make a free choice, even if it is released and given the right to choose. The society thinks that they just made the choice.

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Choosing with an ignorant society is as weird as asking the man who is illiterate about what book to read! Those who come to power with such a vote are cruel and traitors who play the sovereignty of the people with the theater they organize.


We can’t just act with our own minds. We must draw lessons for ourselves from the mistakes, regrets, and successes of others, in short, their experiences. Based on this idea, we have prepared this list of vote quotes.


In order to say an impressive word, it is necessary to live an impressive life. When we look back at the lives of people who live an impressive life, a common point stands out. All influential people have chosen to live a bold life. As you read the quotations, you may feel the courage they have in their lives in their sentences.


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