What is Feminine Energy?

Masculine and feminine energy are two different types of energies that are associated with certain characteristics. Feminine energy focuses on more nurturing and compassionate traits, with a focus on intuition, freedom and the expression of emotions. Feminine energy is the opposite of masculine energy and in order to live a full and meaningful life, it is believed that people should embrace both in a balanced way.

In the world today, embracing feminine energy is often looked down upon due to the fact that being strong and assertive are often considered to be successful traits while being emotional and compassionate are considered to show weakness. Embracing feminine energy and working on improving balance in one’s life is extremely important. Working at increasing your feminine energy, and the relationships you have with the traits commonly associated with this type of energy is a great way to do this!


What is Masculine Energy?

Masculine energy refers to the expression and recognition of traits like strength, assertiveness and dominance. These traits can often be overpowering, blinding feminine characteristics in a way that leaves many people with what is referred to as a feminine energy deficit. In the world today, many are often applauded for pushing feelings away and acting in a more cold and calculated way, this is especially true when it comes to men. This lack of emotion, compassion and patience can negatively impact one’s life and greatly affect personal relationships. This is why it is so incredibly important to find ways to balance and embrace both masculine and feminine energy!

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What is the Difference Between Masculine and Feminine Energy?

While masculine energy focuses on embracing strength, power and assertion, feminine energy is centred around showing emotions, being compassionate and expressing kindness to others. It is extremely important that you have a healthy balance of these different energies as this ensures that you are living your life to the fullest; being strong but compassionate, assertive but still kind. When considering masculine vs feminine energy, it is important to consider that embracing feminine energy and finding balance with masculine traits can help to improve all aspects of your life, making it incredibly important.

One of the most well-known breathing techniques to help balance your masculine and feminine energy is Nadi Shodhana pranayama. This type of breathwork focuses on breathing through each of your nostrils, opening up your airways and inducing a relaxed state of mindfulness. Focusing on breathing through the nostrils individually enhances the energy on each of these sides of the brain and can help to increase your feminine energy!

Balance Your Feminine Energy with Breath Hub Breathing Techniques!

Breathing and breathwork are known to directly link to energy channels and using breathing techniques to focus your mind and embrace these opposing forces can help to balance masculine and feminine energy. Breath Hub has developed a number of different techniques that are centred around balancing the different energies that course through your body. This helps to improve your relationship with these energies and ensures your mind and body are open to acknowledging these different forces.


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