Words Of Affirmation For Men

Women are never disarmed by compliments. Men always. And there is only one reason for that: because we rarely compliment them. Come on ladies. We reveal what men like to hear. Perhaps we women pay our husbands far too little compliments because we are constantly busy fishing for them ourselves. Love experts understand men and a man who is never at a loss for words, even believe: “Men hardly ever get compliments”.



Straight To The Compliments For Your Dear Husbands

And then they feel like the little plants at home. They slowly dry up and in a last helpless act of salvation drown them with our love. Men need compliments like flowers need water. In the absence of it, they become emotionally drained. And while we are thinking about why my boyfriend at home scolds like a mimosa that nobody can please me if he goes shopping especially for me. How can he not know that if leeks are on the list, we only want one and not many. Or that wool and cotton need to be washed at different temperatures, but let’s leave that. You just have to say: “It’s great that you did the washing, you stallion!”

The problem starts when we take each other for granted – which happens often and quickly in a relationship. So compliments don’t have to be saved for the big moments, but should also be used for the little things in life. Love is in the details. And something else has to be said about compliments and love: if they don’t come, they fall by the wayside. Or she goes where she meets validation. And what both life and love advisors confirm: Men often only seem to have greater self-esteem, not to say they are more complacent than women. Being cool and strong has been on the building instructions since birth. Boys don’t cry and they have to believe it. But the knight’s armor is actually quite fragile. They like it no less than we do when they are constantly reminded that they are unique and irreplaceable. And maybe that vulnerability is what makes them so interesting for us.

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