Changing People Unchanging Nature

Nature has certain rules. These rules often do not change. But people change. Humanity is inventing new technologies every day. COFN (Coin For Nature) wants to be a pioneer in this change by saying nature + technology. We set out with the ideal of being a community, not just a cryptocurrency. We work for this ideal. He wants to offer new solutions to the world by combining our community with cryptocurrency and nature. We want to be a technological fund for some needs in nature, not just a cryptocurrency. We have a team equipped to supplement this.


What İs The Coin For Nature ?

Coin For Nature was created to become a currency in the technological and commercially transacted sectors of nature. In addition, our team dreamed of not only being a token, but also a team working for nature. We work day and night for this dream. Coin For Nature has emerged as a coin produced to be used in e-commerce sites where natural products are sold, in buying and selling transactions related to recycling, and in many nature-related issues. Coin For Nature will not only develop nature technologically, but will also undertake the task of being a fund for nature. Establishing an aid fund for nature at various times is on our agenda.

What Will Coin For Nature Change?

Just imagine a cryptocurrency working on a thematic issue. And anticipate this coin to work with a good team. This will lead token to success. Of course, Coin For Nature can also be traded on non-nature related issues. But our team only works with a focus on environmental issues such as nature and recycling. We brought nature together with crypto money to be successful. And we want to be a token to the farmer who drives his tractor, the owner of the company who wants to recycle their waste, and the women who shop from their homes. Our team works with all its might, confident and success-oriented.

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Will You Take a Place in the Stock Exchange?

Our token does not carry an investment value. Our token has pre-agreements with many exchanges. After the pre-sale, these exchanges will be integrated and sales will begin. Until this period, you can follow all the developments on the blog. You can also get token-related e-mails by subscribing to the mailing list. Keep following us. İnfo[at]


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